Monday, September 6, 2010

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn DS Details

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, the highly anticipated sequel to the popular Game Boy Advance game, has slowly been revealed to the public. Over the past month, many people have been able to try out a short demo of the game. Overall, it’s looking like more of the same; to most fans, that is not a bad thing. Keeping with tradition while offering up fresh graphics and new ways to experience the game has been popular with both the Dragon Quest IX and Final Fantasy franchises. While the details released are still fairly limited, here’s a few confirmed facts:
-The game, including movement, can be controlled with the touch screen.
-Most of the game can also be played without the touch screen.
-It features very high quality summoning cut-scenes.
-Overall, the graphics don’t seem like too big of a step up from the GBA games considering how powerful the Nintendo DS is in comparison.
-Battle system remains unchanged; it’s a lot more streamlined with the touch screen.
-Plot continues off of the previous Golden Sun games.

There’s still a lot of unknown facts about the game, but as its tentative late 2010 release gets closer, more information will likely be revealed in the next 1-2 months. Since the last Golden Sun game was released around 7 years ago, high expectations are set for this to be another classic in the making.

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